Intended Parents

We would like to welcome and thank you for considering working with Minnesota Surrogacy on your surrogacy journey. At Minnesota Surrogacy, our trained staff has decades of experience working with surrogates and intended parents. We draw upon this knowledge to not only make surrogacy a less stressful experience, but also to ensure that it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Knowing how difficult this process can be, we dedicate ourselves to treating intended parents with the respect, courtesy and compassion they deserve.

We understand that the process involved in using a surrogate can be a significant source of stress for intended parents. It is for this reason that we take the utmost care in providing you with the best matching experience possible. Because our extensive expertise in this field, we are able to employ every available technique for screening both our intended parent and surrogacy candidates, so that we can eliminate any preventable problems from your surrogacy experience. We perform an extensive interview with both the intended parents and surrogate so that we can really understand the goals and preferences of both parties. Having this deeper understanding of how each party wants to experience the surrogate process ensures that the matches we make between the intended parents and surrogates will have a solid base upon which to build a successful relationship.

Minnesota Surrogacy has an extensive list of surrogates who are available to be matched with intended parents. If you would like to review our available candidates, please apply now and we will be in touch with you.

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