Surrogate Compensation

Surrogate Compensation 

The compensation is just one of the many concerns that a surrogate considers but does not heavily prioritize. Surrogates give up their time and compromise their health to help someone who wishes to have a child. These women are somewhat unsung heroes and deserve to be compensated what is due to them.

Surrogate Compensation: Expenses for Service

Surrogacy fees are different since the pricing varies from agency to agency. The overall costs for the intended couple normally operate upwards of around $500, while legal expenses cost at around $15,000. These charges do not go straight to the surrogate mother, they go towards the financial protection of both the surrogate and intended couple.

Surrogate Compensation: Surrogate Charge

A surrogate’s work is tasking and can be synonymous with the work of an employee with a full time job. In this regard, the intended parents typically pay the surrogate with a cash fee that is settled before pregnancy and ensures coverage for all appropriate costs relating to the surrogate’s well being. A newbie surrogate can get up to $50,000 in a compensation package.

Surrogate Compensation: Additional Expenditures

As mentioned before, a surrogate mom’s medical expenditures are already paid off by the intended moms and dads. This not only covers the usual medical expenses, but also ensures that the surrogate’s lifestyle is protected.

An instance that best exemplifies what I mean, would be if a surrogate mother is forced out from her residence. A funding will be made available to her to ensure that lifestyle  is safe and secured.