Top Questions on Surrogacy

In some parts of the United States, surrogacy is actually legal. For example, The Golden State of California has established legislations on surrogacy, which has made it accessible for couples to have the procedure carried out. Even with its growing popularity, there are actually a lot of people that are still baffled by this process.


How is Surrogacy defined?

In truth, all of us recognize that the inability to conceive prevents a married couple to begin a family. This is more evident for homosexual couples that cannot become pregnant since both are of the exact same sex. With the spreading concern over infertility, scientific research has formulated procreative modern technologies to manage this issue.

Artificial insemination is the method of fertilizing an egg outside the body. The is the remedy for women who are not competent of supporting pregnancy. In this regard, Surrogacy can be described as the method through which the intended parents go into an agreement with a woman, known as the surrogate, to carry their egg.


Is there a relationship in between the surrogate as well as the baby?

There can be a biological link between the surrogate and the baby. This happens when the surrogate’s egg is used and the sperm is obtained from the intended parents. Gestational Surrogacy, on the other hand, only employs the surrogate to the carrier thus does not become directly related to the child.


Are there cases that a surrogate claims the baby?

Surrogates are carefully selected by means of examinations in addition to a series of demanding screening processes to assess the appropriate physical and mental state to have another person’s baby. Legal documents are created and signed to ensure that the best interests of the surrogate, the intended parents and the baby are secured.


How much does Surrogacy cost?

The procedure is costly. The cost stems from the comprehensive procedure that both parties have to undergo. The medical procedures, including in vitro fertilization together with the surrogate’s fees will break the bank. Scouting different Surrogacy agencies are ideal to have a good idea of the prices and compare the costs. It is through these agencies where you will get the help you need to assess which one has the best program to suit your needs.


Is Surrogacy Legal?

It is highly dependent on the state you’re in. Surrogacy is legal in California, Illinois and Oregon but there are also some states that have different views on the matter such as New York and New Jersey.